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Share your DEVCOR Experience

August 29th, 2020 Go to comments

Please share with us your experience to prepare for the new DEVCOR 350-901 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Your posts are warmly welcome! Hope you will find useful information here!

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  1. Anonymous
    August 29th, 2020

    Does anyone take the DEVCOR exam? How many questions? Any dump about it?

  2. Joe_not_exotic
    September 8th, 2020

    I will be going in for the exam next week. I will share my reviews on how it went.

  3. Rocky
    September 14th, 2020

    Hi Joe_not_exotic, have you passed this exam ??

  4. Joe_not_exotic
    September 14th, 2020

    Hello Rocky, Yes I passed the exam. I had a 92Q Dump which I purchased from Ebay and most of the questions came from it. There is a total of 102 questions in the exam, so not all the questions are in that dump. Also, most of the answers in the dump are wrong. I watched the pluralsight DEVCOR videos, read other informations from the web and practiced a lot with the CISCO sandbox. Remaining questions were mostly drag and drops. The topics not on the dump included
    – Yang module to configure IPv4 interface
    – Update Wireless Meraki ssid with python
    – Something about using Handle to configure UCS (there were two questions on that one)

    That’s all I can remember right now and I hope that helps. about 11 questions were not from the Dump but that’s not bad. If you’re well prepared, you should be able to answer the other D&D questions.

    Please reach out to me on blezzzoatgmail for the dumps. I have one which I did with the correct answer and explanations.
    Good luck guys!!!!

  5. Mahmoud
    September 29th, 2020

    Anyone passed the exam recently , any valid dumps for the exam ?

  6. BloodyCucumber
    November 13th, 2020

    I passed. Make sure you really know the auth flow of OAUTH2 (there were 4 questions about it), there were 2 drag n drop enormous ones about intersight API that are not in the dump. There’s a question about IETF interface asking if you wanna change the IP address of an interface, should you use PATCH or POST? I personally chose PATCH because POST triggers an error when an interface has an existing IP address. PATCH is still the wrong answer because it creates a secondary IP address. The correct answer is PUT but there was no PUT option in the question so I picked PATCH. Make sure you practice these on Cisco sandbox.

  7. anonymous
    November 13th, 2020

    could you please share with me some dumps?
    thank you

  8. Sarah
    November 16th, 2020

    Please share the Valid dumps to paynesarah768 at gmail dot com

  9. drips
    December 13th, 2020

    I bought the on-demand learning bundle on the Cisco Website. Has anyone used it as a primary study guide? Seems decent, definitely not your classic r/s content… but I’m hoping it will be enough to pass.

  10. Mohamed
    December 23rd, 2020

    Does anyone have dumps for Cisco sd wan 300-415?

  11. Anonymous
    December 23rd, 2020

    Yes, I passed last week. If any interested then email me alisroman 161 @ gmail . com

  12. Anonymous
    January 18th, 2021

    Hey all, I couldn’t find an official cert guide for devcor. Is the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate 200-901 official cert guide supposed to be used as the core cert guide for 250-901?

  13. chloe
    February 17th, 2021

    Thank You @zoeisaac89 i got material.

  14. JIYA
    February 19th, 2021


  15. haha
    March 3rd, 2021

    @Anonymous who passes devcor with 967 you fake scammer haha

    guy i passed today using howmer dump. @atif was right. correction is needed but without correction there is pass. i got 87x

  16. Anonymous
    March 12th, 2021

    does anyone has 350-901 dumps?

  17. Anonymous
    April 3rd, 2021

    I tooK the exam yesterday, I passed with 9XX


    Around 80% of the questions were there. However, they changed the wording for almost all of them. Around 10 – 15 new questions (dns, infrastructure as code, TDD, agile, waterfall, python request module) that you can figure out if you understand the concepts.

    Don’t go only with the dumps, grasp the concepts and practice API usage on Devnet Sandbox.

  18. Not a member
    April 6th, 2021

    Which one is h0mers dump?

  19. Allison
    April 9th, 2021

    Get real exam questions answers at low price and get 35% discount just visit D U M P S 4 E D U . COM

  20. Anonymous
    April 18th, 2021

    Q5) code status returned when request is completed but there is no content to send to the requester

    Q6) benefit of organizing code into modules
    – improves collaboration
    – enable inclusion of more programming
    – easier to deal with version complexity
    – enable code to be broken down

    Q7) how do xml and json compare regarding functionality
    – xml provide more human readibility
    – xml provide support for mapping data-structure
    – json provides support for data type mo

  21. chule
    April 23rd, 2021

    Hello, does someone prepare this exam?

  22. Phc
    May 17th, 2021

    can anyone share the valid dumps please?

  23. Vic
    June 28th, 2021

    The current dump (166Q) on vce-plus site is not valid. Only 20% came from it. On top of that – the answers in the dump are massively wrong.
    One thing to note: I no longer have faith in Cisco. They publish exam questions with errors. Most WTF example I have is: in one of their partial scripts they create variables with “_” between the words, where later on they reference to them with ” “?! or “-“.
    Check IOX and other “vastly used solutions” like Fog Director 😀

  24. ABCD
    July 2nd, 2021

    I passed exam today 102 Q and new Q at least 10 to 15 and 5 DD good luck guys

  25. Avila
    July 12th, 2021

    Guys anyone taking 300-635 DCAUTO?

  26. xyzzyx
    July 22nd, 2021

    Last month passed successfully DevNet 200-901, now preparing for DevCore. Can someone post questions / materials for DEVCOR 350-901?

  27. hans kazan
    July 28th, 2021

    any latests dumps?

  28. Anonymous
    August 21st, 2021

    Hi guys, anybody can share the certification guide?

  29. NinjaMan
    August 24th, 2021

    Anyone has any recent dumps of Devcor exam?

  30. Lou
    September 18th, 2021

    I need IOSv and IOSL2 images for GNS3 where I can download them for free

  31. Ireallypassed
    September 24th, 2021

    I passed the exam yesterday. I would say that a large majority of the questions you will not find anywhere. The only answer to this one is to study and understand the basics and work the labs.

  32. abcd
    September 27th, 2021

    anyone can post the link to latest dumps?

  33. Anonymous
    September 30th, 2021

    lead4pass has 199q dump

  34. chule
    October 14th, 2021

    Here are the Qs I was able to find and collect. I fixed the answers on most of them also add links which explains the choice. This should be around 70percen of exam so if someone is taking it in the next few weeks please post here how valid is it.

    drop box. kom/scl/fi/fns5e14zxyn7y5wi1p7u7/ chule-devcor-dump.docx?dl=0&rlkey=y5kfkwcinp5pvl6t1y36pphxk 

  35. Anonymous
    October 16th, 2021

    which dump u use ?

  36. chule
    October 19th, 2021

    I didnt take it yet. Just collected the questions. If someone is taking exam in the next 2 weeks please post here how valid are questions

  37. chule
    November 1st, 2021

    Took it today and pass. However 80% of Qs are new. The dump I shared can help to understand what to expect. No easy questions, all long with many drag.drops. I had problem with time so had to rush. Just to not be too pessimistic I think that passing score is now lower. At least 15 Qs answered on luck, and still passed.

  38. @soon to take exam
    November 1st, 2021

    Hello Chule,

    can you post the new Qs you remember?

  39. Anonymous
    November 2nd, 2021

    Cannot recall since there were around 80 Qs new also had to rush because every question is long and you need a lot of time to read and understand. If you have to take it now, my advise is to take my dump, go trough explanations and read a lot about the topics there. Some hints, its expected that you know all URLs from top of your head, for PythonAPI questions Webex, Intersight, DNA, UCS, Firepower, Meraki. Also, few questions about Docker Swarm, this is something missing from the dump.

  40. Anonymous
    November 2nd, 2021

    Where is the 80% new exam Qs ?
    we need to use SPOTO or 591cert ? these sites are expensive

  41. Anonymous
    November 2nd, 2021

    Where is the 80% new Qs ?

  42. ASINHA
    November 19th, 2021

    @chule, w y from? Your DEVCOR exam was the same as my SPAUTO. New questions DD. I wasn’t successful at SPAUTO, I didn’t have time to read the questions in time. You have to be very well prepared. Thanks for your feedback. I’m thinking about taking advantage of the 50% discount that cisco has made available until January 22.

  43. Anonymous
    November 29th, 2021


    PL 183Q version is the old version.

    I just found that PL has published the new version 350-901 dump with 256Q.

    Anybody who can kindly share PL new version 350-901 with 256Q???


  44. BRAINs
    December 16th, 2021

    PL new version 350-901 with 256Q

    All the questions from a new dump are in cert. exam great 🙂 , but unfortunately all these questions have wrong answers – therefore the test can not be done only with a memorize of questions from PL
    If the answers from the new dump are used in the cert. exam then I guarantee, you will not take the test and finally didn’t pass.
    Someone would have to fix the questions in PL 🙂

  45. @not chule
    December 27th, 2021

    the PL256 Qs are here:
    www. certcommunity .org/forum/topic/1826-req-devcor-350-901-qs/?tab=comments#comment-22778

  46. Anonymous
    December 28th, 2021

    PL256 q still valid?

  47. poal
    January 6th, 2022

    all questions from PL256Qs dump
    Good luck!

  48. Anonymous
    January 8th, 2022

    I passed 2 days before with 96% There was few new questions


  49. Akuma
    January 12th, 2022

    www. certcommunity .org seems to be down, anybody can share the PL256 Qs? at least the name of the pdf file?

  50. Anonymous
    January 17th, 2022

    Can anyone share the PL256Q please?
    Exam booked for a few weeks time ! Eeek

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